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Guilty Crown, Weaponized Friends

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Kid-Wolf~The Voile's Library Assiant~   Fansub TV Team Apr 02 2012, 03:20 PM Quote
Okay well sempai-kun I'll clear this up a bit I'm not comparing this seires to Code Geass as a whole per se but more along the line of how they butchered it with the second season alone. sleep.gif

Granted some people liked the second season, but it felt like things were taking a completely diferent turn then from what was expected from the end of the first season there. So that's why I kind of droped the score of that season big time for myself.

The problem with this series is that it tries to give off this vibe that Code Geass did and was sucessfull in all the wrong ways if you ask me. Granted most of it was due to some of the interesting characters getting killed off like it was nothing pretty much was kind of a put off for me especially when the girl that's tends to be close to the main guy dies over a very stupid reason mind you. sleep.gif
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wceend-spama   Retired Apr 03 2012, 11:26 AM Quote
Code Geass was like, the best thing ever! Guess I might like this, then. And hmm, I liked how the second season kept plottwisting, keeping my pinned to the edge of my seat!

julezia-chibi   Fansub TV Team Apr 03 2012, 11:31 AM Quote
QUOTE (Norren @ Apr 02 2012, 01:58 PM)
Another thing about the Code Geass analogies is that the parts have been shaken up a bit, but are all present. the antagonist childhood friend is Lulu this time, while Shu is more of a parallel to Suzaku.

The mystery power has an explained (... yeah... right...) origin that's presented as plausible in universe, but the mystery waif who introduces it to the main character is taken away from Gai (lulu)'s father by the resistance.

Ougi and Viletta are paralleled by Daryl and Tsugumi (not as random of a crack ship by comparison, ne?).

Daryl also has some heavy shades of Orenji-kun, but nowhere NEAR as much as Major "scarface" "look at my mechanical left eye" Segai.

I weep for Segai. He was by far one of the most entertaining villains before his design student orgasm as Shu decided to use Yahiro's void properly rather than just lobbing him in half like I think everyone else would have. I was sad to see him go because he was probably the most believable "effective ineffective" villain I've ever seen. Hyper-competence tempered by morbid curiosity and questionable loyalties is a combination I don't think I've seen before.

I said it before: Shirley always dies.

All in all, basically everyone has some form of direct parallel, they were mostly done better here. I'm not surprised since usually writers tend to move inside the same tropes they're comfortable with.

Wow, good job making those parallels. I picked up on Hare being the "Shirley" of this show (especially when she died), but that was about it.

I didn't even realize how much Shu is like Suzaku until you brought up that comparison.

We didn't get our Daryl and Tsugumi ending, did we? T_T

I'm not going to comment on the validity of the comparison to Code Geass, because I think everyone has expressed their views on that issue.
Overall I found this to be an enjoyable show, but I ended up giving it a 7/10 because it was not without it's faults. There was a lot of angst that in turn made me feel angsty when watching, lol. I also found the plot to be convoluted, I had to take a step back and try to piece together what was happening a lot of the time. I know you guys may not have had that problem, since I noticed some discussions on the forums over the details in this show... a lot of which was going over my head tongue.gif
However I must say that the music was top-notch and the character designs were very appealing.
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Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Apr 03 2012, 12:00 PM Quote
Hmm what to say about this show? Its pretty hard. Sure I couldt say "wasted potential", but nowadays sadly this is already a own genre and not an opinion anymre -.-

The beginning of the show was defenitely a very good one, but at some point (dunno where exactly, but probably when they stopped the government vs. resistance stuff and started with that whole supernatural stuff) it fell apart. Plot it a bit like Star Wars, a giant black hole with plot parts it didnt eat for now.
Still I had fun watching it and regardless of how stupid is was I was actually entertained a lot by it. Never once thought of dropping it.

Characterwise this show had big highs (Segai, Ayase, Arisa) and big lows (Gai, both versions, Inori), some characters which were ok, some I just dont get (never understood what the hell Yahiro is doing at all) and some who didnt get enough screentime (Haruka).

Overall enjoyable as long as you dont expect too much. Just watch it like a Hollywod action movie and its good enough.
7/10 from me.
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wceend-spama   Retired Apr 04 2012, 02:12 PM Quote
Ugh, now that I've actually progressed beyond episode 13 I completely agree. I can see the parallels with Code Geass now, though I must say I experienced the Code Geass second seaon as more fast paced and exciting, while this part is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Norren-chan   Apr 04 2012, 02:34 PM Quote
QUOTE (wceend @ Apr 04 2012, 01:12 PM)
Ugh, now that I've actually progressed beyond episode 13 I completely agree. I can see the parallels with Code Geass now, though I must say I experienced the Code Geass second seaon as more fast paced and exciting, while this part is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

That reminds me of the Code Geass homage in in ep 14 or so. It's almost a blink and you'll miss it scene with Segai pulling a Zero with rioters in shinjuku. happy.gif

It's actually a subtle call forward - the masks are Da'atist masks.

wceend-spama   Retired Apr 04 2012, 03:55 PM Quote
Haha, the first actual HMMM CODE GEASS MUCH was segai looking too much like orange-kun xD I must say, I hated episodes 14-12, but I did like the way it ended, though.

And I would very much like to thank the people who drew it fro adding the realistic booby jiggles whenever ayase fell over LOL.

Kit-Tsukasa-desu   Fansub TV Leaders Apr 08 2012, 12:41 PM Quote
Guilty Crown, ah yes, a series that had so much hype prior to its initial airing, especially given that the staff was the people who worked on Macross Frontier, Code Geass R2, and Death Note, 3 major action titles of the last 5 years. Furthermore, it was in the NoitaminA slot, which gave it greater hype. So, did Guilty Crown fall more on the guilty side or the crown side?

Story: Guilty Crown's plot is an absolute mess. It starts off in a very interesting post-apocalyptic premise, especially when you compare it to that of Un-Go, which was airing alongside Guilty Crown in the fall. However, it never really got its act together. Guilty Crown tried to be too many things all at once and lacked a sense of direction. Most notably, it attempts to be too much like Code Geass where the protagonist, Shu Ouma, attempts to take on the role as "king" and carries the burden of those around him. The first 11 episodes were easily condensed into about an hour's worth of material as shown by the recap special and really hurt the show as it progressed. Furthermore, there were talks within the community claiming that it should have just ended at episode 12. Episode 22 proved that ending it at episode 12 really would not have made a difference as the plot only rinsed and repeated itself in a slightly altered manner by making Gai the antagonist instead. Not to mention the series pulls a 180 on us making Gai the "Guilty Crown" and killing off both Inori and Mana while Shu survives, thereby making the ending/epilogue much less interesting. Furthermore, the series ended with even more unresolved plot holes and points, some of which may have been interesting to see unraveled. I doubt the Lost Christmas OVA will do anything to expand on this.

However, not all of Guilty Crown was bad, it had a few good points in the second half of the series where it really did shine at a Code Geass like level and a plot that began to make some sense at one point. Unfortunately, I really should not have expected more from Hiroyuki Yoshino given his more recent works on Seikon no Qwaser and Dance in the Vampire Bund. It's a shame since Yoshino had always been a great series composer starting with Mai-Hime and Mai-Otome but has been on a downhill trend as of late, including with Guilty Crown. Not even Gonzo's writers are this bad.

Animation was one of the series's stronger point. While not entirely faithful to its original concept, which I was hoping for, it was still decent for this show, not to mention consistent for the most part. This is a good step up by I.G., especially after their horrendous animation in Blood-C in summer 2011. There were a number of poor animation sequences in the final episode but I'm willing to overlook most of it given the finale was pretty terrible overall. Art was more inconsistent with details lacking every now and then but is generally unnoticeable to the average viewer. Furthermore, when it is detailed, it's extremely well done with a fantastic palette choice.

Music? Loved both opening themes and disliked the others, including most inserts. The background music was really strong as expected of supercell and is likely what really carried this series to the end. I expect the soundtrack (if there is one) to be very good and possibly sell like hotcakes even though the series itself is not good. Voice cast is generally good. Shu's voice actor needs work though. His screams and cries are not exactly ideal. Whether it was purposely done to make Shu seem like a kid stuck in his past from beginning to end is debatable but in my eyes, it didn't sit right with me.

Enjoyment? Fabulous in various ways. It's not a Code Geass as many try to compare it to but it's fun mocking the show by using it as a comparison and that's really what drove this show, especially early on in the second half. The only real major downer this show had in terms of enjoyment is the incredibly anti-climatic ending. This could have easily been remedied if they had cut out a number of nonsense in the beginning of the series with Shu "growing accustomed" to his new power. It felt like a huge waste of time given where the series ended up.

Overall, Guilty Crown is literally a guilty pleasure. It is by no means a good show yet it's hard to call it terrible given it's intrinsic and implicit humor value. I had a bad feeling when this show got too much hype prior to its airing and unfortunately my fears came true with the ideas of Voids never being clearly explained, let alone the "natural selection" nonsense. You literally are better off watching the aforementioned titles of Code Geass, Death Note, and Macross Frontier over this. The only redeeming aspect is if you're in for the music, which is definitely worth a listen. My Dearest grew old for me fast, but The Everlasting Guilty Crown is a very a powerful song in my opinion.

Preliminary Score: 7/10
Final Score: 5/10
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