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Nisemonogatari (Impostory), More SHAFT goodness

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nijlandp-sama   Sempais Mar 17 2012, 01:53 PM Quote
QUOTE (NecroRyu @ Mar 17 2012, 08:23 PM)

actually in this last episode his response while doing a perv face was even better "I can... No, I'll love her even more. Isn't it hot having a sister who isn't your real sister?!" xD though the fight we were looking forward was more of the usual Araragibeating this time by Kagenui while telling him some interesting stuff like Kaiki being her university classmate along with Oshino many years ago but ultimately she accepted defeat and was nice to see a powered grown-up Shinobu to kick Yotsugi's ass (btw what's with the Fate reference Unlimited Rulebook?) ^^

It was a very good response smile.gif . Araragi sure has some strange ideas about younger girls...well, let's not dwell too much on that as he has Senjougahara.
The fight was very one sided indeed. He never stood a chance against her. The only sad thing was that we didn't get to see Shinobu's fight. Although the interesting stuff about Kaika, Kagenui and Oshino was nice.

To say something about the whole series: i didn't like the ending to the Kaiki arc as it felt like it was an anticlimax. Some characters also were not so strong and were used mostly for fanservice. The strength of the series were the dialogues again. Just like in Bakemonogatari. I would say that this series gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me.

Ausdoerrt-sama   Fansub TV Team Mar 17 2012, 04:14 PM Quote
I think the story was fine, anticlimactic ending included. It did, however, tend to get distracted a lot and go overboard on fanservice. The service was fun, mind you, but the fact that it makes up more than half of this rather short series isn't to the series' benefit. It's campy fun, but I can't treat it seriously - and thus it doesn't deserve excellent "marks" in any review, IMO.

BTW, it seems like we got another entry into the "people die if they're killed" meme:

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Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Mar 17 2012, 05:59 PM Quote
Just like I thought we sadly never saw what happened between Kanbaru and Karen. And we got Senjougahra with short hair -.-

The end wasnt really that great, to be honest I dislike it. It just feels so much meh, mostly because the reason Kagenui accepted defeat was, well, meh. Its makes this whole stuff about Tsuhiki totally unnecessary and ridiculous and doesnt fit the least.

Overall this show isnt as good as the first season. It had a lot of good things (getting to know the Fire Sisters, style-changes of Hanekawa, Kanbaru and Sengoku, personality change of Hanekawa) and a few bad things (not seeing much of the old characters, not seeing what happened between Kanbaru and Karen, Senjougahara with short hair, bad ending).

I gave Bakemonogatari a good 9/10 (about 9.4), this here gets a bad 8/10, 7.5 so to say.
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Kid-Wolf~The Voile's Library Assiant~   Fansub TV Team Mar 19 2012, 09:53 AM Quote
Okay so it pretty much ended a bit as I would expect from this series. Although I get this feeling that even though Tsukihi's story arc is prety much ended I feel as though there is a bit more to go beofre it is completely finished. Also, I'm not taking about the prequel to Bekemonogatari here since it did show off the to bee continued cut before the ED credits role.

In any case it was to be expected that Araragi-kun would fight for Tsukihi no matter what because she's been his little sister all this time, so that fact will never change no matter how she became a phoenix and pretty much she tends to show that she's a nice girl so there's nothing wrong with it.

Although I get this feeling that he may end up teeling his sisters about his ability along with mentioning Tsukihi's as well if they continue on with this, but another time prehaps.

Overall it felt like this series we got to know a lot about Karen and kind of a crash course on knowing about Tsukihi. I mean we only knew them in passing from the last season and that was about it, so I'm glad they gave them some interesting moments here. tongue.gif
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Episode 12
Nisemonogatari @ Anime.Fansub.TV   Notification Mar 24 2012, 10:28 AM

NecroRyu-san   Mar 24 2012, 02:53 PM Quote
erm WTF isn't it a bit too early for April fools day with fake new epsisodes, even worst in case those were bad quality resolution ONAs like happened with Bakemonogatari? first I was too tempted to degrade the series with 8/10 if Shaft dares to troll us with "imposter" eps, good thing those jokes aren't related to them so let the rick rolls begin before next month with eps. 12 and 13 as crossovers of Thermae Romae and Nisemonogatari! ^^
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Kid-Wolf~The Voile's Library Assiant~   Fansub TV Team Mar 24 2012, 03:02 PM Quote
It seemed that a certain someone from a certain site decided to pull off a certain prank like this. Granted it feels like an april Fools joke, but they did have a to be continued bit at the end of episode 11. So I'm guessing that it was someone trying to troll people and it kind of spread a bit to far over the net it seems. rolleyes.gif
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Kit-Tsukasa-desu   Fansub TV Leaders Mar 25 2012, 10:53 PM Quote
Nisemonogatari, the sequel to the popular 2009-2010 Bakemonogatari series. The show focuses on Koyomi Araragi's sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, with a story regarding fakes. Prior to the show I have read a rough translation of Karen's story but am completely new to Tsukihi's story aside from its title. With that said, my review may be slightly biased.

Nisemonogatari follows directly from the events of Bakemonogatari with the first half focusing on a swindler from Hitagi's past while the second "half" focuses on Tsukihi as a "immortal" fake sister. The story is pretty well composed for the first half but the second half feels like a rather mess. The show focused much more heavily on the comedy and sexual innuendos unlike the symbolic storytelling that Bakemonogatari presented. When the staff cut the show from 13 episodes to 11 episodes, I felt that this show would have an appropriate length but unfortunately, the story ended up being above average at best with a seemingly rushed/mediocre conclusion. The "To be continued" is open to interpretation, but as far as I'm concerned, Nisemonogatari itself is over.

Animation wise remains solid. The show retained mostly the same style and presentation as its 2009 prequel but whether that stands to change significantly in the Blu-Ray remains another story. Nevertheless, SHAFT continues to impress. While not their best presentation (as they really need to work on their "darker" scenes), it's still far beyond the rest of the industry and better than a lot of their other works.

Music? Futakotome was really the only great song this time around. The Fire Sister openings were average at best and ClariS's Naisho no Hanashi was above average at best. Definitely not as good as Connect or irony in my book. As for background music, pretty much the same with a few remixes here and there from the original series and the cast stayed the same. Of course, the biggest highlight here is Maaya Sakomoto as Shinobu. More on that below.

Enjoyment? The comedy this time around was better than Bakemonogatari and certainly made it much more dialogue friendly and thus entertaining to watch. At the same time, sacrificing plot really hurt the series and made it difficult to bear when fearing that the show would lack proper development. There were a few things the show could do without regardless of how entertaining they were. Now as for what I enjoyed the most? Anything with Shinobu. Shinobu was really the highlight of this series and casting Maaya Sakamoto as the seiyuu was priceless. I was expecting more along the lines of Aoi Yuuki given her experiences in "ojou" roles but Maaya Sakamoto blew my mind away. Really glad they got rid of Aya Hirano for Maaya Sakamoto.

Overall, when the most memorable factor for this show is Shinobu (and donuts), it should be clear that Bakemonogatari is the superior title in almost every regard. However, that doesn't mean that Nisemonogatari didn't have its strong points. The light-heart atmosphere really added a whole new flavor to this show (let alone re-defined the use of a toothbrush) and made it more friendly to people who were not fans of the dialogue-driven/heavy plot. All in all, the ratings for this show relative to Bakemonogatari becomes a matter of preference. To me, plot is very important and as much as I laughed and enjoyed watching Nisemonogatari it is (slightly) inferior to Bakemonogatari. Both are good shows and definitely worth watching though, not to mention "gems" in their own right.

Preliminary Score: 9/10
Final Score: 8/10

Now regarding the "To Be Continued" stuff, that is likely referring to Shinbou's comments about having numerous other NisiOsin works lined for anime adaptations already. The Monogatari stories are not over yet, especially with Kizumonogatari this summer. Furthermore, I assume that Nekomonogatari, Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, Otorimonogatari, Onimonogatari, and Koimonogatari are already on the table for consideration from the Bakemonogatari timeline alone.
Furthermore, NisiOsin plans to release Tsukimonogatari, Owarimonogatari, and Zokuowarimonogatari some time this year.
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wedora-dono   Sempais Apr 02 2012, 08:20 AM Quote
Hmmmm, where to start. I was dissapointed with this series sad.gif partly bc bake was one of my all time favs and this was just such a letdown comparatively. Commie got it ribht when the subtitle "fanservicestory" and i felt the series was lacking substance most of the time while dragging the two stories along. They also made the main character way more pervy this time around which sucks bc he was such a cool dude in the first season, made me lose respect for him. I still enjoyed the wordplay, art, and music, as well as what substance was available in the two stories. This shoulda bbeen a 4 ep ova though, woulda been much more enjoyable if condensed. Heres to hoping they dont fluff up the prequel like they did here. 7/10, which is a faaaar cry from the 10/10 the first season got. I dont feel compelled to rewatch this but do feel it was worth watching, all negatives considered.
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JCDRANZER - Sky King - Ô-SAMAのスパム!   Fansub TV Team Apr 07 2012, 04:24 AM Quote
As with Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari had very prevalent foreshadowing which kept me intrigued to see how everything will turn out. Shinobu was great and I loved that she was got back to speaking terms with Koyomi to finally hear her say something in this season. As always, the music for this series is enchanting, unfortunately, I couldn't listen to any of the OPs and EDs because my ancient laptop would just be too slow for the song to be properly heard, I might actually go to youtube to watch and listen to all of them.

I agree with Kit that they sacrificed plot in stead of making the series more simpler for the viewing audience.

The Fire Sisters are a crazy duo but Koyomi's interaction is damn right incestual, it was funny and hilarious....but it was weird at times.

Another thing I enjoyed personally was when I was watching the series, I loved how it kept coneccting to the name of this season....Nisemonogatari....Impostor/Fake Story. Like the Fake Justice arc and Tsukihi actually not being a real sister for Koyomi despite being birthed by his mother. rolleyes.gif

Kaiki and Kagenui are both very interesting villains in their respective arcs but you just can't hate them because of their unnatural quirkness. Plus Kagenui is pretty darn hot. laugh.gif

Overall, I enjoyed this season but probably not as much as Bakemonogatari. Hence, I shall be giving a rating of 9/10 for this series, I was originally going to give a 8/10 because there were a couple of things I didn't admire but writing this post has made me realised that I enjoyed it more and wasn't put off by its flaws. biggrin.gif

Also, at the very end, he meets a smiling Hitagi at the beach, which was a nice touch. At first I didn't recognise her because of the short hair and I think that was Hitagi's only scene in the entire Phoenix Tsukihi arc. rolleyes.gif
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wceend-Spama Sosei   Sempais Apr 07 2012, 06:00 AM Quote
Just started off watching this right after Bake, and the higher pitch in ecchi is quite apparent right away, damn. I liked the awkwardness of it in the last season, now they're just shoveling it down our throats. Not that's it s not funny to watch, but it's different. I shall see what follows!

wceend-Spama Sosei   Sempais Apr 09 2012, 03:39 PM Quote
my god, episode 8 was just emberassing. Don't getm e wrong, the series isnt necessarily less enjoyable than the previous season, it's just a much more relaxed atmosphere which, apparently, results in more lavish sexual experimentation. Slaanesh itself would blush at episode 8, my god.

Kit-Tsukasa-desu   Fansub TV Leaders Apr 11 2012, 10:05 PM Quote
And in other news, Kizumonogatari is delayed until past 2012:

wceend-Spama Sosei   Sempais Apr 12 2012, 05:22 AM Quote
QUOTE (Kit-Tsukasa @ Apr 12 2012, 05:05 AM)
And in other news, Kizumonogatari is delayed until past 2012:

aww bugger.
But hey, sweet, it also says there's going to be more seasons, RIGHT? I dont know how the novels they based it on work xD

wceend-Spama Sosei   Sempais Apr 14 2012, 04:42 AM Quote

I dont now who the guy they edited in is or what he s onabout, but it's hilarious XD

julezia-chibi   Fansub TV Team Apr 14 2012, 11:09 AM Quote
QUOTE (wceend @ Apr 14 2012, 05:42 AM)

I dont now who the guy they edited in is or what he s onabout, but it's hilarious XD

LOL, I cannot believe I watched that... twice tongue.gif It is funny tho, and does go well with that OP.

I liked the video that played after that even more though, great AMV
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Kid-Wolf~The Voile's Library Assiant~   Fansub TV Team Apr 14 2012, 11:21 AM Quote
Okay you two why do I feel tempted to split those two posts you guys make and move them over the the YouTube video thread now? laugh.gif

I know it meakes sense here, but somehow I feel like it may make more sense over there.

Anyways side from the two music vids I need to talk about this:
QUOTE (Kit-Tsukasa @ Apr 11 2012, 11:05 PM)
And in other news, Kizumonogatari is delayed until past 2012:

Okay so we lose out on the prequel to the whole -monogatari series, but we get the Nekomonogatari (Black) episodes. So why do I want to see more of that smexy catgirl now? tongue.gif

To be honest it sounds like a rather fair trade to me sinc eI did enjoy the Tsubasa Cat story arc in the first season though. tongue.gif
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