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Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 07:23 PM

QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Mar 31 2012, 12:08 PM)
Seeing as Yuri didnt come back at the end (what is quite a surprise) it seems that I was right to drop this after ep 3.

... huh.gif

I hope that was a joke.

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 03:30 PM

With Ossi-san I think it's not a joke when it comes to hot, smexy, and Milfy women in most anime series he tends to watch you know. tongue.gif laugh.gif

In any case pretty much for all we know they might be on a deserted island unable to find away home, and was written off for dead kind of deal. I mean that twist factor is still usable thoughout the series if that's the case, but I dirgess. sleep.gif

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 04:20 PM

QUOTE (Norren @ Mar 31 2012, 08:23 PM)
... huh.gif

I hope that was a joke.

Why do you hope it was a joke? After all Yuri was the only bearable character in the first 3 eps and her coming back shouldve been more obvious than the sun going up every day. But bad surprises can always happen.
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Posted 21 May 2012 - 12:53 AM

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! (or PapaKiki for short) is based off an ongoing light novel. The show follows three girls, Sora Miu, and Hina Takanashi who are 14, 10, and 3 years old respectively. Yuuta Segawa becomes the three girlís guardian due to an accident that befell the girlsí parents. Yuuta is nothing more than the average college student with part-time jobs and by taking the girls in to his own care, he decides to take on more jobs, attend university less frequently, and put the girlsí happiness as his highest priority. The show was available via simulcast on CrunchyRoll and has been acquired by Sentai Filmworks for US distribution. Please support the industry if you enjoyed the show by buying the DVDs/BDs when they are available.

In terms of story, the series does a great job with keeping events somewhat realistic. Yuuta is sane for the most part though taking on that many part-time jobs and making enough money to pay for four people seems a bit of a stretch. I would have been more impressed to see how they would handle a situation where Yuuta is completely broke while taking care of the three considering he kept saying that budget was going to be tight. Another one would be if Yuuta had fallen ill one day due to stress, sleep deprivation, and/or being overworked. The eviction notice, however, was nicely done as thatís definitely something big when living in apartments and Iím glad that event was at least there even though it ended up being ďforgiven.Ē Drama wise wasnít impressive. If you had seen the PV trailer or read the basic summary of the light novel, it was no surprise that there was going to be a ďtragic accident.Ē To be honest, the so called tragedy didnít really pan out the way I had hoped. For an event thatís suppose to be a ďhookĒ for the show, it wasnít as emotional as say Cross Game, nor was it really all that surprising. Character wise, they were all believable to a degree and least reasonable for a comedy drama title. However, the lack of development was a killer in the negative sense. Lots of repetition that Yuuta was raised by his deceased sister out of pure motivation and love and that he plans to do the same for the three girls, but no significant development on how he got to who he was today. Similarly, we are aware that Sora, Miu, and Hina all had different mothers, yet the show refused to dive into this at all aside from using it as a base of the threeís dislike of being separated.

Animation wise is rather decent for feel. I felt Kiss x Sis was better by them, but this is certainly a step up from Yosuga no Sora, which aired two years ago. Art wise was not that impressive. Backgrounds were generic and the scenery wasnít eye catching either. Hinaís and Raikaís designs aside the other character designs were relatively generic. Itís a bit unbelievable though for a 3 year old like Hina to have that long hair though. If you consider how old Kiss x Sis is at this point, itís a bit disappointing to see feel not improve all that much after a few years.

OP/ED theme were both catchy that fit the series for its ďhappy-go-luckyĒ characters despite all the somber tones along the way. The background music wasnít always memorable but there were a few average tunes in the mix. Sound effects had no real problems and the seiyuu cast was quite respectable for this show. Hiromi Igarashi is quite amazing for being able to accurately portray the character of a 3 year old.

Enjoyment? Well the series was slightly more entertaining than I had expected and far less in fanservice than I had anticipated, especially given feelís track record of shows. However, that didnít make the show all that much better. It didnít really stand out all that much in what was a weak Winter 2012 season and even when it did, certain shows completely prevented it from being entertaining, including Nisemonogatari, Aquarion EVOL, Bakuman 2, Chihayafuru, and even Smile Precure!.

Overall, the show lacked appeal. Itís certainly an underrated title but I felt it could have done more in 12 episodes, yet at the same time, I felt there was no filler in the show. The conclusion of the show didnít leave me with quite the sour note that many fans and viewers seemed to have problems with and it did leave opportunities for continuation. However, it also lacked any sort of appeal to drag people back in if a sequel were to be produced. Character development is definitely the weakest aspect of this show and could have probably replaced a number of episodes throughout the show that felt like ďone-shots.Ē While there were definitely ďcharacter episodesĒ they didnít really add significant substance to what the audience already knew.

Preliminary Score: 6/10
Final Score: 6/10

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 06:31 AM

This was the cutest anime I've watched since Usagi-drop! ^_____^
I've basically marathoned through it since yesterday as I couldn't tear my eyes from it! ^__^

At first it felt like a really bad replica of Usagi-drop. It followed almost the exact same story build-up. Though unoriginality doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing I still felt as it would be kind of a bad show.

In the very second episode the girls parents, and Yuuta-kun's sister, suddenly just died! That was a major turn of events and something I felt reeeeally forced! The show was now officially Usagi-drop 2, but more corny!
But still...during these first two episodes I did somehow grow to care for Yuuta-kun and his more maturing behaviour and personality as he turned out not to be the slob I expected him to. And the girls were just darling! Hina-chan is so cute I could just melt away! ^___^

Based on the increasingly growing affection this show had me adapt into I really did want to continue watching even after everything odd it's thrown right into my face.
And that great ability to make me really love all the characters had me glued in front of this show!

What I really enjoyed was the fact that there never really were any sidetracking. Like other things coming up in Yuuta-kun's life, like problems at work, other girls, bad guys getting him in trouble, or various other aspects that these kinds of show so often forces us to withness. This show was very straightforward with what it wanted to bring us, and it did it really good!

All characters were really loveable also! Well, almost all of them. The "evil" uncle and aunt who eventually decided to support the new family and be happy for their sake was a real surprise! Everything in the show really just turned out exactly how I wanted it to! =D
Though that Fat-Pedophile-kun was seriously pissing me off... it was really too much creepy and lewd elements in this show... I mean they really tried to sexualize little girls! Not only in the obvious form of that fat "comedic" relief character, but also in many lewd camera angles and perverted suggestions. It kind of ruined the cutesy lovey-dovey mood. -___-

Oooh, I really hope this one gets a second season! I really, really do! ^____^

Also, Happy Happy Girl is probably the best opening theme EVEERR!! Just listening to it really makes me a happy, happy girl! =D

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 09:12 AM

I've been really wanting to watch this series for some time now and I honestly don't why I wanted to watch it to be fair.

Raika, as a character I thought she fell flat for me. Hina is a toddler with a voice. Miu and Sora are the most interesting of the cast and at the beginning I just absolutely hated the voice of Yuuta, it was just so "bah" and boring....I can't believe the same seiyuu does the voice for Gajeel in Fairy Tail...really weird but that just goes to show he's got a variety that he can display but for this show it wasn't great.

I'm not sure how much of the light novel was animated but I reckon it wasn't much because I've heard some particular developments happening in volume 4, so I reckon they've only adapted about 1 or 2 volumes. I know that the light novel and mangas are quite popular in Japan, so this might get a 2nd season in the future.

Anyways, the anime wasn't what I expected, I kind of what to see more serious drama but this adaptation was on the softer side of things and light-hearted, which isn't such a bad thing.

When I watched this, I was thinking of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, I wonder how the light novel will end but the missing 200 in light novel, I reckon their dead because apparently over a year has passed in the current light novels and no clues as to what happened suggests they are gone for but you can't really rule that when it comes to fiction.

This anime is cute but besides showing a few ideas of what it takes to be a guardian, I don't think this anime's first season really goes beyond that point.

I'm giving this a 7/10 score. It's a cute show that really doesn't have any major developments, I reckon if they adapted more of the light novel or made this a 2-cour anime to have time for some major events, the anime would have been more interesting but if it was just going to stay the way it was and be a 2-cour anime, I think I might have dropped this anime.

I'll be watching the OVA episode later today, need a break from the constant cuteness being shoved in your face.

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