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Full-Service Manual

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Posted 08 November 2006 - 02:52 AM

Full-Service Downloading

Here is the manual on how using the Full-Service Download (also known as Chuukurai Downloader).

Step 1
Follow the first three steps on the Self-Service Manual. (But I will take Negima!? 4 as an example, instead of Eyeshield 21).

Step 2
In the Direct Download Section press the link under "Full-Service Download".
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Step 3
After that, you will be directed to the "Chuukurai Downloader".
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At this page, if you only see a gray box or a red X in the bar, read Step 3A. If not, go through directly to Step 3B

~ Step 3A
This means, you will need to update your Java Runtime Environment and restart your browser. (To be directed to the link to update Java Runtime Environment, you need to click "Java Runtime Environment", which is in red font) or the Java SE website can be found on this link.

At Java SE main page, click on "download" on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 9 or the newest available update for JRE.
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Then you will be directed into a page that offers many files to download. Choose one of the the files which compatible with your system. (Don't forget to check on "accept on license agreement").

After your download is finish, update your JRE and restart your browser.

Go to Step Pre-4

~ Step 3B

It means you have an up-to-date Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You should see the grey box is moving.

Step Pre-4

There should be a box that comes up, asking about your agreement on trusting the content from daft and accept it. ("Do you want to accept content from Daft of the syndicate?"). Click Yes on this. (You also can check the box, that states your agreement on accepting every contents from Daft. Checking this will make this box does not come up on the next time you try to download using this feature or the next time you want to accept contents from Daft).

If that box does not show up, probably your browser was set to automatically reject "untrusted content". Make sure that your browser is allowed to accept "untrusted content".

In this step also make sure that your browser has enabled Java. Although, you have downloaded the new version, but you cannot download using this service if you disabled Java.

Step 4

The save box should come up. (If it does not come up, check on Step 3 Choice A).

Then choose a folder or place in your computer as the destination folder. (Do NOT change the name of the files. You can change it later after you finish downloading it). Then click save.
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Then, this picture should appears.
user posted image

Then, wait for your download to finish. DO NOT close your download page in the process of downloading. The file is not downloading when you close the download page. If you accidentally close it, check out this thread on how to resume the download. Direct Download FAQ After the download is finish, closing the download page or browser will be fine, and the file that you have downloaded will be available on your destination folder (the folder that you chose before, when you save the file).

If you still encounter problem(s) or have question(s) on Full-Service Download fell free to ask your questions in the File Distribution section.

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