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Amatsuki, Action-Fantasy, Historical, Supernatural

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AccipiterF1-sama   Fansub TV Team Nov 08 2008, 01:37 PM Quote
At the end of vol 6 of the Manga currently being scanlated by Hana-mi was an Anime announcement including this:

user posted image

I thought people who found the show to be a bit of a chore would find that amusing.
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drk_rmnce   Jun 13 2009, 11:47 AM Quote
QUOTE (poonk @ Aug 05 2008, 10:50 PM)
I just watched eps.12 & 13 and I think there absolutely must be a second season coming; either that, or this is the worst series I've ever enjoyed watching.

So, am I to understand that Bonten wants the "underclasses" of humans & demons to unite and overthrow Heaven?  And make Toki, the "blank page," into the new Teiten, thereby disposing of the concept of Heaven's Net (i.e. fate, destiny, etc.), allowing... Free Will? *scratches head* Am I reading too much into it? I'm really struggling to understand what's going on, even more so now, so...

And the Princess/Ginshu-- Is he really dead?  *hopes not*  Bonten said he served both humans and Teiten, so what exactly was he doing there at the end?  Obviously something that displeased Teiten, but... did I miss it?

*and did anyone else, when they saw that giant hand come out of the sky, have Monty Python "giant foot" flashbacks?  laugh.gif

So... hmmm. I can't quite say how I feel about this series, overall, until I see whether or not they explain themselves in a second season, frankly.

Yeah, that's what I got from it, too. They want to over throw heaven and make Toki God so that he can maintain the balance between demons and humans. I hadn't thought of the whole free will part, but that makes a lot of sense. ^-^

JCDRANZER - Sky King - Ô-SAMAのスパム!   Fansub TV Team Apr 14 2010, 05:33 PM Quote
I just took a quick glance over the posts in the thread and is it only me but I did not find this series not confusing at all......I understood it completely with no struggles....was it because I marathoned this series and just finished it ?? rolleyes.gif

I had watched the first 3 episodes a long time ago, so I thought I should re-watch the series from the beginning, which I did. The series was an absolute joy to watch and apparently, the anime covered 24 chapters basically 4 volumes of the manga and the manga is meant to be a tad more complex than the anime. wink.gif

I will be reading the manga from the first chapter to see the difference and the fact that I really love the characters of this series and I want to see what happens next and so fourth. I read a little spoiler in WIKI, which has got me slightly pumped up about reading the manga, its just a matter of when I should start. rolleyes.gif

I really really liked this series and I'm going to give this a 9/10.

KuchihaxTokidoki.......I love this couple and wonder whats gonna happen to them in the end, they're both from different worlds.....will there be another Kuchiha in Toki's original world ?? rolleyes.gif I need to read the manga thats still ongoing to find out but it seems the scanlations have picked up their pace recently with what looks like a chapter released per month. Since, the manga is serialized in a monthly magazine that probably means the chapters are pretty long. There are 49 scanlations available and the RAWs go up to chapter 67 I believe......I wonder if I'll be tempted to read the RAWs once I've read the scanlations. rolleyes.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif
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