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Cutey Honey Live Action, how corney can one film get?

Gustav1976-sama   Retired Sep 03 2009, 02:25 PM Quote
I recently bought this film just to see how close they got to the anime version and I'm actually quite pleased. They seemed to have kept everything INCLUDING the openning theme AND the Cutey Honey monologues.
The actress is really kawaii too. The special effects and fighting is over the top but I have to say it suits the show better than a realistic/gritty combat scene that you might see in a more serious film.
If you don't mind the fact it's a deliberate action comedy with over the top explosions the I'd strongly suggest watching it for the sheer fun and laughs tongue.gif
I'd have to say my favourite scene is right at the beginning though with a half naked Honey running down the street eating snacks as she goes biggrin.gif

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