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Amagami SS, More high school romance...

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wedora-dono   Sempais Feb 13 2012, 11:17 AM Quote
I also grew annoyed by the senpai bit, but maybe its cultural and I just can't grasp that distinction. Also, yay for him finally getting that damn yellow coat off her! Definitely the right present choice and agree that the other coat suits her better. Ep6 was touching and enjoyable and summed up the arc well for me. While it was predictable, it was very beleivable and definitely relateable. Good arc overall, best so far imo.
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nijlandp-sama   Sempais Feb 25 2012, 05:01 AM Quote
So the end of the Kaoru part. It was nice with focusing on how they get from being friends to a relationship but still it lacked some real depth. It never felt like getting exciting when they had an argument. As this is a series which focuses on what happened between scenes of the original series it was to be expected. Still it could have been better like making them really break up due to the arguments and insecurity and then getting a kind of scene in which they get together again. Now it was okay but nothing really special. That may the problem with this series. It can't introduce new things which weren't present in the original series. Only Rihoko had the possibility as she lacked a real ending. That however wasn't done properly as the two-episode structure didn't give it enough time. Until now this series feels nice but it never comes close to the level of the original series.

Next up Sae...and the title of the episode seems to reveal too much already..

Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Feb 28 2012, 05:18 AM Quote
The two eps with Kaoru just confirmed it again that Kaoru and Junichi dont fit together. They are personalitywise too far apart to be lovers.
But at least the fanservice was great in both eps ^^

nijlandp-sama   Sempais Mar 03 2012, 05:03 AM Quote
So the first episode of Sae's part and for me it was surprising. I expected Sae to be the one who is indecisive. Instead Junichi is the one who loses his cool. Best part may be the school lunch scene. He really started to realise he doesn't know her well. Another good part was with Miya. Her antics always lead to a fun to watch scene.
The narrator also did a fine job with his little speeches which connected the scenes.
Hopefully the next episode can be just as good. I wonder if we get a bit of help of Ayatsuji (as she and Junichi's friend are seen listening in on the conversation in the end). Sae may not be the most interesting person but this is a nice getup to the Haruka part.

Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Mar 07 2012, 04:54 AM Quote
If I remember in Saes arc the last season there wasa narrator too and back then he too was completey useless and annoying. Without him it would at least be decent to watch but with him its almost more horrible than seeing Rihoko -.-
Nontheless it was nice to see Sae growing up and not beeing that shy anymore. At least to persons other than Junichi.

nijlandp-sama   Sempais Mar 09 2012, 02:29 PM Quote
It wasn't exactly a very exciting second episode of Sae's part. Junichi's response to the narrator was nice but for the rest Junichi had a pretty weak role. Sae herself is stronger than in the original arc but the story was too weak. The only real good part was with the school festival itself and Miya getting actually attacked by Sae smile.gif . The ending was a good part with a glimpse in the future.
Looks like next time we get a lot more excitement with Haruka smile.gif

nijlandp-sama   Sempais Mar 16 2012, 01:41 PM Quote
Haruka was pretty good again as expected. Her idea of doing a fake wedding and even getting a baby was surprising. Hibiki really got the worst of it by having to play the child laugh.gif .
I wonder what that conversation with Jessica means. Does Haruka go to England to study?

Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Mar 21 2012, 10:04 AM Quote
Is it just me or was the first ep of Haruka really rushed? They just ran through everything without it beeing able to sink in. Especially the part about Jessica was far too short. First shes here and 2 min later shes gone again already.

One Morishima is already a giant ruckus, but two really are a mayor mayhem ^^

From the looks of it it seems that Haruka got a time limit of finding her true love from her parents. Probably something like "Either get a husband until graduation or marry someone we tell you".

The best part of the Haruka arc is obviously that we get more Hibiki. And of course more of the HarukaXMorishima combo. Haruka should dump Junichi and finally get together with Hibiki. Thats the one and only true couple in this show.

Btw, is it true that this show is going longer than the initially said 12 eps? On MAL theres a "?" instead of 12 and AniDB has it as 13 eps.
Done with moving, now trying to catch up.

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Kiyoyuki_Takeda-chan   Mar 22 2012, 10:59 AM Quote
QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Mar 21 2012, 10:04 AM)
Btw, is it true that this show is going longer than the initially said 12 eps? On MAL theres a "?" instead of 12 and AniDB has it as 13 eps.

A quick check on some Chinese Forums states a quote from some anime magazine that the so-called "?" may be the sister arc of this story where Junichi's sister is the heroine. This was my guess.

nijlandp-sama   Sempais Mar 26 2012, 12:36 PM Quote
QUOTE (Kiyoyuki_Takeda @ Mar 22 2012, 05:59 PM)

A quick check on some Chinese Forums states a quote from some anime magazine that the so-called "?" may be the sister arc of this story where Junichi's sister is the heroine. This was my guess.

The second episode of Haruka's part confirmed it. We get another episode with Miya. As she is one of the best characters of the series it is nice to see her antics again smile.gif
Back to Haruka's second episode. It was nice and pretty predictable. He really got pressured into doing everything he can to prevent Haruka from going. Still due to the restriction of 2 episodes it wasn't as good as it could be. The confession itself was good but the rest was rushed. The sleepover could have been a whole episode in itself. Also the consequences of what happened after the confession would have been nice to see: Rihoko seemed unset and Ayatsuji pretty mad. To see them react to this confession would have made it much better.
Still it was a good arc. Hopefully the Miya episode is just as good and a Risa episode would be fun to see.

Hyuuga Hakke Kūshō   Sempais Mar 27 2012, 09:17 AM Quote
OK everyone again what was the best Arc of the series

For me again it was the Class President Ayatsuji Tsukasa

Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Mar 28 2012, 05:55 PM Quote
The Haruka arc really was rushed which made it hard to enjoy.

Overall this season is disappointing. Almost none of the arcs was really good, almost everyone had a negative point. In the Haruka arc it was the rushing, in the Sae arc the narrator, in Rihokos arc, well Rihoko, in Kaorus arc the point that the two totally dont fit together. The Tsukasa arc was ok and my favorite was the Ai arc since both fit together perfectly and it had the best story.
Done with moving, now trying to catch up.

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Waiting for new season to roll in and time to actually watch it ^^

Barbobot-the Pirate King   Fansub TV Team Mar 28 2012, 05:58 PM Quote
QUOTE (Hyuuga @ Mar 27 2012, 11:17 AM)
OK everyone again what was the best Arc of the series

For me again it was the Class President Ayatsuji Tsukasa

If going just by the first season I'd have to say a tie between Kaoru and Tsukasa, but taking SS Plus into account Tsukasa wins. Kaoru's arc this season, while fun, just didn't really have quite the same emotion as the Tsukasa arc had.
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Kit-Tsukasa-desu   Fansub TV Leaders Mar 31 2012, 01:32 PM Quote
Amagami SS Plus, a sudden anime original 2-episode epilogue for each of the 6 main heroines of the Amagami game.

Like the original series, each girl's arc will be reviewed separately...though there isn't much to review since it's only 2 episodes each compared to 4.
Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Still as solid as ever and remains the best of the 6 heroines. While we all know the end result thanks to the 10 years after conclusion in the original it was a nice and somewhat suspenseful arc with a nice touch of conflict. Kaori Nazuka did a great job continuing her role as Tsukasa despite recently giving birth.
Rihoko Sakurai: An epilogue many were hoping to resolve the short end of the stick that Rihoko got. Luckily she did get the kiss from Junichi but that's really about it. The arc was still boring at the end of the day, especially coming off a strong Tsukasa arc.
Ai Nanasaki: Now...Ai's arc was somewhat fun but what they really did was throw in a bunch of events from Ai's other endings in the game to make up her arc with a few original bits. At best the arc was average.
Kaoru Tanamachi: I don't know why they decided to switch Kaoru with Sae but regardless, this arc was not as fun as I was hoping. It started off with typical Kaoru antics but the conclusion was rather anti-climatic. They get left behind on a trip and have to find their way back without any pocket change. It just didn't feel like Kaoru's character was truly brought out.
Sae Nakata: The third most interesting of the arcs surprisingly. Sae basically taking on Tsukasa's task in Founder's Festival, which really added to her shy character. While the narrator was plain annoying this time around, the romantic development between Sae and Junichi played out quite well. The 10 year jump was unexpected, but interesting to see.
Haruka Lovely Morishima: Hints dropping all over the place claiming that Haruka's arc would be the key this season similar to how Tsukasa's arc was in the original. The question was it? In my opinion, no. It was definitely without a question second best though by a long shot. Jessica trolled Haruka and Junichi so hard but I really loved the confession at the end anyways. Indeed the arc was a bit rushed but for the 2 episodes it had, it was definitely a lot of fun. Not to mention Haruka's personality remains one of the best of the cast. It was also fun seeing Shizuka Itou "talk to herself" in dialogue format.
"Miya Tachibana": What a waste of time this was. The fanservice was nice, but not suited for this show. I had a bad feeling there was going to be more fanservice when they started showing Tsukasa fanservice in the PV prior to the show's initial airing but I never thought they would go this far.

Animation hasn't changed for the most part but I really disliked the ending animation sequence when they show the heroine of the arc lip singing the song. Poorly timed and often out of character.

OP was catchy and good, though I preferred the original 2 opening themes. ED was also okay. I preferred some of the character songs over this tough.

Enjoyment? up and down depending on the arc. It was 2 episodes only for each character, so I will say that it managed to hold my attention more than the previous series even if the arcs were dull.

Overall, here is the final breakdown of each heroine. Note that Miya's arc weighs half as much.

Tsukasa Ayatsuji: 8/10
Rihoko Sakurai: 5/10
Ai Nanasaki: 5/10
Kaoru Tanamachi: 5/10
Sae Nakata: 6/10
Haruka Lovely Morishima: 8/10
Not Enough Nishishi: 3/10

As expected though this season was going to be worse than the original not just because it's mostly anime original, but also since Amagami SS already left us with pretty conclusive endings.

Preliminary Score: 7/10
Final Score: 6/10
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Killer_Ossi Fan of Mature Women   Apr 08 2012, 07:45 AM Quote
So we got a full fanservice ep at the end. It doesnt really fit this show, but in my eyes it was still better than most of the other eps this season.

Overall this season was a disappointment since most arcs were bad. Like I already said in my last post except for Ais arc every other arc was pretty much a waste of time.

Only a 6/10 from me (first season was 8/10)

Kiyoyuki_Takeda-chan   Apr 19 2012, 10:44 AM Quote
In not-so-related news:
Amagami Series Mangas have even more surprises!
It seems there is a NEW MANGA-EXCLUSIVE HEROINE set for this series.
And this new heroine in the original and anime versions appears as a sub character.
And she is: Hibiki Tsukahara (塚原響), who is Junichi's sempai, Swimming Club chairperson and Haruka's closest friend in school rolled into one.
I only found out about this as it will be localized into Chinese (Traditional) which will be out this month in Taiwan Comic Stores.

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